Where Should I Write/Publish Content?

"Content" means any information that you might write or record, including notes, lessons learned, examples, end-to-end case studies, screencasts, videos, software, or documents. To figure where to create it (and share it), ask yourself these questions:

  1. Controlled/Uncontrolled: Controlled documents are things like official policies, guidebooks, and templates -- things that require strict version control and governance by more than one person. 98%+ of the content created by Ultranauts will be uncontrolled. If you're working on a controlled document, talk to Kelley B.
  2. Internal/External: Will the content potentially be useful to people in the professional community who are not Ultranauts?
    • If YES, create it on one of the External Webs on ultra.guide
    • If YES, but it's a special content type (like a screencast), store it on the appropriate external system and then create a short description page on an External Web on ultra.guide
    • If MAYBE, but you want to decide later, go ahead and create it in G Suite. You can change your mind later.
    • If NO, then you want to consider who the information should be visible to.
  3. Visibility - who should be able to see or work on your content?
    1. Just you -- use G Suite.
    2. You, plus a handful of collaborators -- use G Suite.
    3. You, plus other Ultranauts, but you're not sure exactly who -- use an Internal Web on ultra.guide.

-- NicoleRadziwill - 25 Mar 2020
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