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In this area, store notes and lessons learned about test automation, programming, and the technological aspects of quality assurance and engineering. Everybody is welcome to add new topics and pages, or make comments inline on topics that already exist. You can tell how fresh the information is by looking at the timestamp at the bottom of the page. This system uses Topic Markup Language (TML) which is similar to Markdown.

The title of a new topic should be in CamelCase. By naming pages/topics in this way, you can immediately recognize if there is more information there. Also, you can write CamelCase words in your documents, and they will automatically be turned into links that you can use to create information about that thing. This is a great way to signal to other people that a new page/topic needs to be created. (See how the word CamelCase is in red? That's signaling to us that we should write a page to tell people that it means "words and phrases mashed together where each word starts with a capital letter and there are no spaces in between".

Here are some topics from this Web that you may find useful -- Note: Some links may show up in multiple lists because they apply to several different areas:

Book - Best Practices (Not tool-specific)

Book - Reference

toolbox - TOOL: Cucumber & Gherkin

  • ATaleOfTwoTests - A very detailed walkthrough of getting started with automated testing using Java or Ruby
  • ConvertManualToGherkin - A short explanation of the theory behind automating manual tests, followed by two thorough examples
  • CucumberGherkinExamples - An overview of Cucumber & Gherkin, followed by a very comprehensive suite of examples which turn Gherkin feature files into Java code with Cucumber & Selenium
  • GherkinLanguage - A short introduction to Gherkin with links to other Gherkin resources

toolbox - TOOL: Selenium

toolbox - TOOL: Postman

toolbox - TOOL: Applitools

toolbox - TOOL: TestRail

js - LANGUAGE: Javascript

java - LANGUAGE: Java

py - LANGUAGE: Python

  • AmazonScraperByCashBarnes - A capstone which uses Python, Selenium, & Beautiful Soup 4
  • SettingUpWebDrivers - A guide to setting up Webdrivers, often the most annoying and fiddly part of working with Selenium. Includes a section on setting it up in Python


  • JSONinRandRMarkdown - Setting up an R project using jsonlite for JSON file handling & plotly to display the JSON with R Markdown, as well as some more advanced info around converting the JSON to data frames


js - Ideas for New Topics

We need more coverage of Python, R, & Applitools!

It's usually best to choose a WikiWord for the new topic name, otherwise automatic linking may not work. Characters not allowed in topic names, such as spaces will automatically be removed.

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