Info Mgmt Data and Information Types


Curator/ Coordinator Controlled Records Controlled Documents
Kelley LMS + Security
+ Core Ops Systems
Curator/ Coordinator Uncontrolled Records Uncontrolled Documents

  • Controlled Documents - Official policies, critical or high-risk procedures that require careful configuration management
    • Examples: HR/recruiting, onboarding/assessment/shadowing, professional development & promotion
    • Change control: Formal changes are made and approved by a governing body
  • Uncontrolled Documents - Procedures and guidance that may change regularly and/or be applied differently depending on the scenario
    • Examples: Manuals, guidance, normal-risk or variable procedures, brochures, content marketing assets
    • Change control: Formal changes can be implemented by one owner
  • Controlled Records - Evidence of events that must be tracked and monitored for compliance
    • Examples: Training certificates, 3rd party audit reports, anything that contains personal data
    • Change control: Records may be generated by anyone but are approved and maintained/retained by a process owner
  • Uncontrolled Records - Evidence of events but no requirement for being maintained/retained
    • Examples: Meeting minutes, notes, internal audits, surveys, memos, lessons learned
    • Change control: Anyone can create, edit, and delete these resources

Type System Description Visibility Notes
Individual/Private Docs Google Docs   Internal Keep things here if you want them relatively private
Collaborative Docs Google Docs   Internal Collaborate on content production, decide whether/when to share later
Collaborative Data Google Sheets   Internal Collaborate on content production, decide whether/when to share later
Controlled Documents (Policies, References) Guru   Internal Can make some cards Public (and not indexed by Google) & provide access through URLs
Dashboards/Interactive Tools Shiny (TBD) Interactive tools for ROI, maturity assessment, etc. Both  
Web Site Wordpress Public facing information External  
Blog Wordpress Content marketing/lead generation External  
Gated Content Wordpress Plugin Content marketing/lead generation External  
Contacts w/Prospects & Opps Salesforce   Internal (Limited)  
Sales Enablement Materials Wiki   External (Limited)  
Account Snapshots Wiki Index to find documentation for each engagement Internal  
Manuals/Guidance Wiki Uncontrolled technical information Both  
Internal Administration Info John A/Kelley should decide   Internal (Limited)  
Technical Notes/Lessons (e.g. Design Patterns) Wiki Anyone can post anything publicly at any time External  
Client IP Client's Systems Sensitive client data is hosted on client systems Client network eg BNY
Camera-Ready Marketing Materials Lucidpress + Server Brochures, Prospectus, Campaigns External NMR has account
Screencasts Screencast-O-Matic + Server   Both NMR has account
Financial Models Google Sheets   Internal  
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